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Great To Meet You

We Love Our Children!

In 2019 a group of energized community leaders from Nalidi P.A.G church in Nalidi Village,Kanginima Sub County,Butebo District, Uganda knew that the vulnerable children in their community had to be helped.


They knew that Uganda's future depends on a new generation of empowered youth to lead the nation into a new era of prosperity.


The group transformed a church building into a classroom, added some temporary classrooms outside, secured recognition from the government and the St.Edward Junior School-Nalidi was born!


It's An Honor To Meet You!

Edward Mosingi

Executive Director

The path out of poverty is through God and education.

I know.

It is the story of my life.

At two years old, I lost my mother. Though mired in poverty, my father instilled in me that education was the way to a significant life. 

By the sixth level of school, I felt the cultural pressure to marry. But I resisted and continued to sell chapati and mandazi

It has been a long journey but earning my teaching certificate at Kabwangasi Primary Teachers' college was a day to celebrate!

It was only because of God's love and so many people who believed in me and stepped forward to help that I avoided the pitfalls of early marriage, AIDS, drugs, and violence. 

Today, I invite you to join us in raising up a new generation of leadership in Uganda. Your prayers, financial involvement, and participation are all welcome!

Asanasi Mugala

Managing Director

Asanasi Mugala grew up in a single-parent home. Her father was forced from the home when a loan company confiscated their household property to repay a loan. Her mother sold alcohol to pay her school fees.

The struggle for a good education left Asanasi with a passion to help as many Ugandan children receive the gift she received.

Asanasi holds a primary grades teaching certificate. She oversees quality teaching at the school, is a community liaison. She is married to Edward Mosingi and the mother of four girls and one boy.

David Olipoto

Advisor, Pastor

David Olipot is a community member and Pastor. Passionate to raise up another generation, his family donated land for the church and school.

He is happily married to Jane Kanisa.

Benard Talya

Program Manager, Pastor

Benard Talya grew up in a polygamous family. Abandoned by his father, his mother grew crops to earn school fees for her children.


Benard is passionate about education, an entrepreneur and community advocate. He has a Senior Four Uganda Teaching Certificate, is a trained Nursing Assistant in his own business and serves as a pastor with The Sign Of The Dove.

He is happily married to Joy Takali.

Joyce Nabakooba


Passionate about children with special needs, Joyce Nabookooba holds a Teaching Certificate in Special Needs Education. She not only teaches in the school, she is also active in her church and community.


Joyce is married to Kiiso John, a leader in the church and community.

Yakub Zingi


Yakub Zingi.jpeg

Yakub Zingi is an overcomer and is passionate about helping children overcome their circumstances.


He was eight years old when his mother strangled herself to death in the forest. The community learned of her tragedy when they heard a baby crying in the forest. At year one his father died and he was brought up by an aunt.

Having overcome dire circumstances, Yakub has a big heart for children who struggle.

He is married to Moreen Naikambo.

Anthony Kojjo

Finance Manager

Raised by both his parents who supported his education, Anthony has an earned diploma in Accounting.

He is married to Mary Mwino with one child.

The OCFU International Advisory Board

One of Omega Children Foundation's core values is transforming cultural relationships. Cross-cultural relationships give us new perspective, enhance our communication skills, expand our social networks, improve our language skills, increase our creativity, and give us greater tolerance and understanding. 

Thank you to our generous international friends who advise us. 

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