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OCF Uganda Welcomes Jeff Slaughter to its International Advisory Board

Cross cultural relationships are important to Jeff Slaughter
Cross cultural relationships are important to Jeff Slaughter

The Omega Children Foundation Uganda warmly welcomes Jeff Slaughter to its International Advisory Board. His life's narrative weaves compassion and transformation, inspiring better futures for those in need.

In Jeff's decision to join The Omega Children Foundation advisory board, his alignment with the value of transformational cross-cultural relationships shines brightly. His passion for uniting people from different walks of life, coupled with his dedication to creating lasting change, makes him an invaluable asset. Through his involvement, he not only contributes to the foundation's mission but also continues his journey of fostering connections that transcend borders and ignite positive transformation.

At a young age, Jeff Slaughter learned compassion for children less fortunate, neglected, and abandoned.

Not only was Jeff’s childhood marked by his grandfather’s stories of growing up in an East Texas orphanage, but his parents began caring for foster children when he was just fifteen.

“I learned that not every child enjoyed the safety and stability of growing up in a loving environment,” he says.

“Eventually, my parents adopted three of these children, changing the course of their lives. That’s why the vision of Omega Children Foundation inspires me. When an organization like OCF steps into a child’s life to meet practical needs with love, hope, and spiritual guidance, that child’s family tree is changed forever.”

Today, Jeff’s compassion extends beyond children to leaders in the European church who struggle with discouragement and a lack of training opportunities. Jeff and his wife, Kathy, direct the European Worship Institute, an organization based in Brussels, Belgium which develops training opportunities for worship leaders.

A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Jeff graduated from East Texas Baptist College in 1983, earning a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with majors in business and public relations.

Before living and working in Europe, Jeff worked as a public relations professional in healthcare.

Since 1998, Jeff and Kathy have served as Cornerstone International missionaries and have worked in 11 European countries as well as in Morocco and Indonesia.

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