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Omega Children Foundation Uganda Wants To Know You Better!
Help us know how you might serve with us.  Which of these 26 specialized abilities do you have?
Study the list of 27 Special Abilities list below. Choose your three best abilities:

Ability #1

Ability #2

Ability #3

Thanks for sharing your special abilities with us!

Entertaining ability: to perform, act, dance, speak

Recruiting ability: to enlist and motivate people to get involved

Interviewing ability: to discover what others are really like


Researching ability: to read, gather information, collect data

Artistic ability: to conceptualize, picture, draw, paint, photograph, or make renderings

Graphics ability: to lay out, design, create visual displays or banners

Evaluating ability: to analyze data and draw conclusions

Planning ability: to strategize, design and organize programs and events

Managing ability: to supervise people to accomplish a task or event and coordinate the details involved.

Counseling ability: to listen, encourage and guide with sensitivity

Teaching ability: to explain, train, demonstrate, tutor

Writing ability: to write articles, letters, books

Editing ability: to proofread or rewrite

Promoting ability: to advertise or promote events and activities

Repairing ability: to fix, restore, and maintain

Feeding ability: to create meals for large or small groups

Recall ability: to remember or recall names and faces

Mechanical operating ability: to operate equipment, tools or machinery

Resourceful ability: to search out and find inexpensive materials or resources needed

Counting ability: to work with numbers, data or money

Classifying ability: to systematize and file books, data, records and materials so they can be retrieved easily

Public relations ability: to handle complaints and unhappy customers with care and courtesy

Welcoming ability: to convey warmth, develop rapport, making others feel comfortable

Composing ability: to write music or lyrics

Landscaping ability: to do gardening and work with plants

Decorating ability: to beautify a setting for a special event

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