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Mukisa's Life Is Forever Changed!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Mukisa’s parents could not take him to school, so he followed the other children.

He had done this several times, but with no supplies and no money, he could not participate. He couldn’t even get a meal at school.

Being disabled and unable to walk, Mukisa has many obstacles in life. But he is determined.

When he kept showing up at school, the head teacher called his parents and encouraged them to get Mukisa the supplies he needed, but the cost was out of reach.

At this point, generous donors stepped in to help Mukisa. They listened to his story and decided to sponsor his education.

Thanks to donors like you, Mukisa is no longer left out. He is in school with his friends, showing everyone that his disability does not keep him from learning.

*Mukisa's story is true, but his name and picture has been changed to protect him.

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