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OCFU Welcomes Jacob Weinstein to its International Advisory Board

OCFU is proud to welcome Jacob Weinstein, a visionary multimedia producer who brings his exceptional expertise and passion for storytelling to the International Advisory Board of OCFU.

With an impressive 20-year background in multimedia production, Jacob captures and documents profound narratives that have the power to touch hearts and transform lives. His focus lies in Uganda, where he shines a light on the remarkable stories of individuals who have experienced profound transformations through the selfless efforts of generous supporters and nonprofit organizations.

Jacob firmly believes in the inherent goodness of humanity and the extraordinary impact that acts of compassion and support can have on the lives of others. Through his work, he endeavors to amplify these stories, weaving them into powerful narratives that inspire a collective sense of empathy and ignite a spark of change within communities worldwide. With a deep understanding of the human experience and an unwavering commitment to showcasing the resilience and triumph of the human spirit, Jacob Weinstein brings a unique perspective and invaluable insights to the International Advisory Board of OCFU.

His dedication to harnessing the power of storytelling to foster cross-cultural relationships and promote transformative humanitarian efforts is truly exemplary.

Welcome Jacob!

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