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OCFU Welcomes Jeff Weinstein to its International Advisory Board!

One of Omega Children Foundation's core values is transforming cultural relationships. Cross-cultural relationships give us new perspective, enhance our communication skills, expand our social networks, improve our language skills, increase our creativity, and give us greater tolerance and understanding.

That is why we rejoice to welcome (Papa) Jeff Weinstein to our International Advisory Board.

He is a retired Park Planner and Field Naturalist. He is the founder of Empowering Ugandans with his wife Yvonne ( Their mission is to teach Marketable Skills so Ugandans can have a brighter future.

Jeff has been visiting Uganda since 2015 and moved to Gulu in 2019 to begin Sewing and Computer training. Along with Omega Children Foundation Uganda, he works with several churches in the north teaching leadership and teamwork skills, business lessons, and bible studies to the men.

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