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End Of The School Year - Report Cards: Thanks To Our Donors!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

At the St. Edward Junior School-Nalidi, it is the end of the school year. We do school year-round. The first term starts in January and ends in May. The second term starts in late May and ends in August. The last and third term starts in early September and ends in early December.

Today the students received their report cards and are happy about their holiday break. They will return to school in January.

A BIG thank you to all our amazing donors who educated another generation of Ugandans for the year! An excited new generation of leadership is being raised up because of you! Thank God, thank you!

The children are especially proud of these report cards at the end of the year because it shows if they mastered the material and are promoted to the next level.

If students have not mastered some parts of the material, they must master it before promotion.

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