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Feeding & Educating Uganda's Vulnerable

Mukisa's life is changed forever!

Read Mukisa's story


With Omega Children Foundation children become:

  • More prepared & confident

  • Bold to help others

  • Happy because they are able to provide for basic needs for themselves and others

Ugandan student

Because of constant conflict, AIDS, and poverty Uganda has many vulnerable children. 

This leaves them without guidance, fearful and neglected. 
Omega Children Foundation Uganda provides education and sustenance enriching their community and causing Uganda to thrive.

Miremba's life is changed forever!

Read Miremba's story

The Values We Celebrate


The Joy of

We experience joy simply from the act of giving. We also find joy in the positive impact it has on helping others, making a difference, and strengthening relationships. It creates a sense of reciprocity that deepens our connections and builds trust.


Transforming Cross-Cultural Relationships

Cross-cultural relationships give us new perspective, enhance our communication skills, expand our social networks, improve our language skills, increase our creativity, and give us greater tolerance and understanding. 


The Celebration of Changed Lives

When we celebrate changed lives we affirm that growth is possible and is good; it helps us build resilience, reinforces a positive outlook, strengthen relationships, and increases our self-awareness. 


The Uplifting Power

Education helps individuals develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially; enhances critical thinking skills, creativity, and the ability to communicate effectively; provides better career and job opportunities; improves health outcomes,  increases civic engagement and grows our nation economically.


The Meaningful Power of Faith

The Trust-Building Power of Integrity & Transparency

Meaningful faith gives strength, comfort, and meaning to our lives.


It is our source for comfort and peace in times of stress, anxiety, or grief. It assures us we are not alone.

Our faith connects us to believers all over the world. 


Integrity is the quality of being honest, ethical, and having strong moral principles. It allows us to build trust with others. When we act with integrity, we demonstrate that we are trustworthy and reliable. This leads to better relationships with others, both personally and professionally.

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Pleased To Meet You!

The path out of poverty is through God and education.

I know.

It is the story of my life.

At two years old, I lost my mother. Though mired in poverty, my father instilled in me that education was the way to a significant life. 

Edward Mosingi, Executive Director

At Omega Children Foundation we believe it is wrong for children to live struggling to find hope, without guidance and unprepared to lead Uganda's next generation into prosperity.

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